Nayak-LM Germany GmbH

Here we are.

Over 40 years of know-how

Nayak Aircraft Service was founded 1974, as a subsidiary of BAT-Air, for aircraft maintenance, the main areas being Rockwell Commander and Metroliner. In 1986 NAYAK was taken over by NFD - Nürnberger Flugdienst. NAYAK then expanded its activities to the NFD ATR fleet. At that time the company employed some 70 people. Due to the joint venture agreement between NFD and Air Europe, NAYAK carried the sole responsibility for the maintenance of the two B757 aircraft. Since this time NAYAK has continually expanded its licenses.

In 1993 both, NFD and NAYAK were taken over by RFG, Dortmund. The joined companies were then renamed to Eurowings. NAYAK was a major partner in the Eurowings maintenance and was leading in the introduction of Jets to the fleet. During this period NAYAK expanded its business into the Line Maintenance area. In 2017 Nayak was bought by a Group of Private Investors.

At the Beginning of 2018 the formely activities of the AirBerlin Technik & Training with its Stations in Düsseldorf and Berlin and more then 200 employes join the Nayak LM Germany.

Today NAYAK is offering aircraft maintenance services worldwide: Austria, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Turkey.

We hold following approvals: EASA Part 145, EASA Part 21, EASA Part 147, EASA Part M, FAA, Aruba, Bermuda, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moroccan, Tunisia, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

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