Business & Private Jet Consulting

New opportunities for provider an broker of business flights!

Due to the current restrictions in private and business travel, providers of exclusive business jet flights have great opportunities to win new customers in the high-end business and private travel segment. In this market, which is characterized by price wars, market players will be reorganizing in the coming months.

Make sure now that you will be on the winning side!

My name is Stephan Grandy and I am a sales and marketing expert in the business aviation and commercial airlines industry.

I support airlines in the DACH region and Europe to build up or improve their business segment. Based on my many years of experience, I have developed the JET© model for you. Based on this model we will

? analyze the customer journey (Customer JOURNEY) in detail, identify and eliminate process breaks and inconsistencies very quickly, and thus ? create a consistently positive customer experience (Customer EXPERIENCE)! ? By investing this added value in the quality of the Customer Experience, we will gain your customers' trust (Customer TRUST) and transform it into a long-term commitment to you as provider and operator. In addition, we will ensure that your company is optimally presented as a shop window at all times and is visible in the market.

With GRANDY-JET© you will

✅Increase your utilization ✅Increase your turnover ✅and maximize your profits!

And all this without

? incurring new ongoing costs. ? completely changing processes ? having to change the identity and independence of your company ? having to "turn the store completely upside down" ? having to lure customers with false promises

What sets me apart from the other business airline consulting providers is 30 years of experience in the airlines industry, both in commercial aviation and in the private jet industry. Thus, I combine competencies of both industries: the flexibility and proximity to the customer of the private jet industry with the professionalism and structure of a large corporation.

My intention is to do things differently and better and to achieve GRANDYIOSE ? success together with you - . As a partner at your side!

Arrange "here" your free strategy talk with me:

Best regards Stephan Grandy, GRANDY-JET

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