CrossConsense GmbH & Co. KG

We think IT from a user perspective!

CrossConsense was founded 2002. It is run by 30+ well trained, highly skilled, experienced, and extraordinary motivated team workers. CrossConsense aims to offer its business partners from the aviation industry the best services they can get based on a sound knowledge in the areas of maintenance, engineering, and logistics. We think IT from a user perspective – we are not just IT freaks! CrossConsense’s portfolio stretches from AMOS Support, BI-Management, Data Migration and Hosting to the products Aircraft Fleet View (progressive web app for up-to-date fleet status), AviationDW (data warehouse for aviation industry) and ACSIS (tool for predictive maintenance).

AMOS Support, data migration, BI services and hosting: CrossConsense has a long tradition in providing support for AMOS with one single point of contact for 1st and 2nd level support. CrossConsense realizes well-planned and perfectly organized data migration projects for airline customers and we also offer Reporting and Business Intelligence Analytics for any MRO backend system user, e.g. for AMOS customers. Hosting of your MRO backend systems takes place on real or virtual machines, depending on your demand. Our server center provides the highest security level and great connectivity into all parts of the world. Aircraft Fleet View is a user-friendly Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by CrossConsense that gives you an always up-to-date view on your airline’s fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information. AviationDW is a managed data warehouse, tailor-made for use with any backend system, e.g. AMOS. AviationDW greatly simplifies KPI creation based on MRO System data. To this end, AviationDW provides easy-to-understand database schemes allowing business end-users to explore data without implementing complex logic. Simply connect to AviationDW with common solutions like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, AWS QuickSight or other BI tools to directly benefit from existing knowledge and capabilities. ACSIS is a powerful software tool developed to assist any airline, aircraft operator, MRO facility and OEM to avoid AOGs, delays and turnbacks, as well as improve aircraft utilization, and enhance safety. ACSIS integrates with any MRO / M&E Software solution to deliver better insights into aircraft health and potential future problems to be dealt with during scheduled maintenance.

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