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Accurate data and news on the airline industry.

The World's leading Airline Intelligence Provider since 1998

For over 20 years ch-aviation has been providing decision-makers around the globe with relevant and up to date airline intelligence and insightful news on the industry.

Founded in 1998 in Chur in Switzerland, ch-aviation has become an influential airline intelligence provider and one of the very few Swiss aviation success stories. Today ch-aviation welcomes more than 1.8 million users each year and is proud to count hundreds of companies in the airline industry as its customers. Yet, we are still small enough to care about the details that have always made the difference between good and outstanding data.


As a ch-aviation PRO user, you can search and get detailed airline profiles for over 5.000 airlines and aircraft operators worldwide.

With weekly updates for over 1,000 aircraft around the world, we ensure that the ch-aviation PRO fleets database is the most current and reliable in the industry. We track Wet and Dry Leases as well as Storage and Maintenance.

Get insight into who owns or manages a specific aircraft, see full lessor portfolios and aircraft financed through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

Access the 6,500+ airports worldwide that are served commercially or otherwise relevant. Data includes operators based as well as aircraft stored.

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