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Luftfahrt-Kursangebote von ASISTIM GmbH

Traffic Right


Synonyme: Traffic Right

This short and interactive course will help the flight dispatcher to become more efficient when applying for traffic rights, by teaching over flight permission request procedures, best practices and precautions that should be adopted. For every international flight it is a mandatory requirement to apply for traffic rights in the foreign country. For line carrier this process will be done once before a season and mostly from an own department. However charter airlines need to apply for traffic rights and overflight permissions much more often and encounter sometimes big problems of how to do it. Depending on the countries and political situation this application process can even take a very long time. This course will guide the student through the nine freedoms of the air and their interdependencies with the local authorities. A very experienced instructor will show the “how to do it” process and assures a proper understanding of the historic based Chicago Convention.

Weitere Kursdetails: Dieser Kurs wird als Präsenzveranstaltung Angeboten. Die Dauer beträgt 1 Tag.

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Kategorie: Technisch Operativ